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Reeling Service according to standards:

SMD reeling (DIN IEC 60286-3) Axial reeling (DIN IEC 60286-1) Radial reeling (DIN IEC 60286-2)


  • Manually and automatic reeling with 2D and 3D controlling
  • Visual controlling

Reeling of non-conform packagings:


  • Special packing
  • Diverse mechanical packing


De-Reeling, Re-Reeling, changing packaging:

  • Repackaging’s all types of packing (Tray, Tape, Tube) as your customer like.

Treatment options for electronic parts

  • Drying (MSL)
  • Position changing in a tape
  • Sorting parts by date code
  • Marking of parts in a tale with laser, a tag or a color point)
  • Programming of electronical components
  • Functional testing

Mechanical treatment of parts:

  • Cutting pins
  • Adjust pins


Process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. We then creates a customized kit that is assembled and shipped as one unit.

We take the responsibility for your complete ordering process, buying all parts needed for your production.

How does this work:
You will send us an part list, We will check the availability’s and coordinate the flow of goods to you targeted delivery date. At this date you will get one big box with all parts marked and packed you need, and you can start production right away.

Kitting is reducing your cost in stocking and process controlling, saving time and resources in your company and you will have the chance to focus on your important thinks make your business succsesfull. 

Outsourcing – Saves your time and money!