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Your quality is our scale. We are providing transparency in the jungle of worldwide sourcing of electronic components, with us you can evaluate which type of sourcing is best for your requirements.

Our business philosophy is focusing on a long-term relationship and successful cooperation. Our open communication attitude create visibility in your Sourcing process, because this is the fundament of a growing relationship and your success.

Your surplus stock is tie up your capital, unfortunately time is passing by and your surplus stock becomes an expensive load for your company.

We are helping you keeping your surplus stock valuable.

Find out how to convert your surplus stock into fresh capital.

In the past 10 years in the open market business we developed a direct business relation with many manufacturers. This independent distribution channel provides you global access to manufacturer stock, worldwide stock and is a compatible alternative to your regular distributors.

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Welcome to over 10 Years of EC Electronic Chip GmbH

“You” – are the focus of our business ventures, our general principle is a mutual and trustful Cooperation, respectively a open communication with our customers.

EC Electronic Chip GmbH located in Landshut, Germany was established Mai 2004 as a service oriented Company. The main business is sourcing of all kinds of electronic components on the world market to support the electronic industry in Germany.

Our fundament of success are; Fundamental market knowledge and a continuous monitoring of the world market.

Consistent optimising of processes.

Access to a long-term, international proven network of supplier and manufacturer.