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Surplus components, not needed for the production process anymore, must be removed from your inventory after an extended period of time. Companies try to get rid of the product, avoiding high efforts and costs of the warehouse.

Selling surplus, but how?

Selling on your own to other customers could be difficult due to the lack of contacts and resources and this could lead to deductions and scrapping actions.

Originally usable and saleable components are mingled together with

customers specific mechanical parts. Normally this will be paid by a kilogram price and sent to the scrapyard .

We are offering you a modern solution:

Our alternative is using our worldwide network and 10 years experience in selling electronic components to offer your surplus to potential industrial buyers

Your advantages:

  • No extra effort and cost in handling your surplus, is fulfilling your demands.
  • Cost effectiveness is guaranteed
  • Even for smaller quantities usable
  • All time available, not only for annual stocktaking
  • Using global markets

Your surplus material will be available in worldwide internet platforms.

As soon as we locate a potential buyer, we are acting as your secure selling agent, protecting you against fraudulent international buyers. After a short period of time (approx. 30 days), you will receive your money from the sold surplus.